Latin American Fiesta

Latin American Fiesta Class Description

Mexican food is what many people crave when they want something hearty, cheesy, and comforting. Who doesn’t love to munch on chips and salsa in front of a video? Unfortunately, traditional Mexican cuisine is notorious for being high in calories, greasy, and short on fresh veggies.  Once you learn the raw food preparation techniques in this class, you’ll be able to make a truly healthy as well as delicious Latin American Fiesta for yourself and your friends.

In Latin American Fiesta you will learn:

  • How to use a dehydrator to make thin, crispy chips out of flax seeds and vegetables–perfect with guacamole.
  • Which knife skills to use to dice up delicious homemade salsa.
  • How to use a dehydrator to make flexible wraps out of vegetables–the perfect tortilla for enchiladas.
  • How to use soaked wild rice to replace cooked white rice for delicious, “I can’t believe it’s not cooked!” Mexican side dish.
  • How to make a beautiful mango fruit tart with a coconut crust–delicious either as a dessert or as a light meal in itself.

Menu: Hot Red Pepper Chips, Salsa, Authentic Guacamole, Enchiladas de Verdura con Chili Colorado, Mexican Seasoned Cabbage, Tropical Fruit Tart

Class Date:  Refer to the calendar for the next scheduled class