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Many students of natural vision training have discarded glasses completely or avoided moving into glasses through this educational program.  Vision problems which have improved by natural vision education include nearsightedness (myopia), astigmatism (cylinder), farsightedness (hyperopia), “middle-aged” vision (presbyopia), cross-eyed (strabismus), “lazy-eye” (amblyopia), and many other vision problems.  At the very least, you learn about relaxed vision and how to take care of your sight naturally.  There is no diagnosis, treatment, or determination of function included in this program.  Students are encouraged to have an eye doctor monitor their progress and prescribe weakened lenses when needed.

In Natural Eyesight Classes…

You RE-LEARN the correct habits of NATURAL SEEING…the same ones you had when you had clear vision in the past…the same habits that people with perfect sight are using all day long.  Note:  This program is NOT about eye exercises.

You study DR. BATES’ facts of NATURAL EYESIGHT, based on years of original research.  You understand how sight can improve and remain clear with nature, relaxed vision habits.

You relearn basic, natural visual movements with “SKETCHING” and “CENTRALIZING”.

You practice correct vision habits for reading, computers, TV, driving, person-to-person communications…in fact, for all work and leisure activities.

You learn closed eyelid SUNNING to rebuild light tolerance and COLOR intensity.  You study and practice proper DAYTIME and NIGHTTIME vision skills.

You learn PALMING, ACUPRESSURE POINTS, and SELF-MASSAGE to release chronic tensions held in the eye, neck and shoulder muscles.  You may eliminate headaches and eye discomfort by learning these natural self-healing activities.

You Can…

* SEE CLEARLY at all distances using your own eyes.

*READ EASILY WITHOUT blur, strain or fatigue.

*Experience increased MENTAL CLARITY that leads to efficient seeing at work and leisure.

*Return to NATURAL 3-DIMENSIONAL VISION and proper depth and spatial perceptions.

*INCREASE CONCENTRATION and MEMORY in all activities.  Reduce or eliminate headaches.

*Develop your CREATIVE IMAGINATION and capacity for colorful expression while balancing and integrating       RIGHT/LEFT  HEMISPHERES.

*Initiate positive CHARACTER CHANGES by transforming the mental and emotional blocks to clear eyesight.

*IMPROVE your overall mental and physical HEALTH through natural eyesight training.

7-Week Courses….

Are taught as private lessons or group lessons  live or via web.

Are limited to approximately 10 students (group)   This allows for personal attention while providing valuable group support.  For most students, this approach is more effective than private lessons.

Consist of seven 2 hours and 45 minute classes; one class per week.

Include support outside of class time and periodic review/support classes…at no extra charge.  (Strabismus /Amblyopia may not be included.)

Weekend Seminars…

Are taught in person only.  If you would like to sponsor a Natural Eyesight Improvement Seminar in your area, please email for more information.

Are limited to 10 students.

2.5 days:  Friday 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm,  Saturday 9:30 am – 6:00 pm,  and Sunday 9:30 am – 6:00 pm.

Tuition and Registration

If you would like to be put on the mailing list to participate in a  FREE introductory lecture,  receive a schedule of upcoming Natural Eyesight Improvement classes, and receive tuition, and registration information, please leave your contact information via the Contact Page on this site:  Reference Natural Eyesight Improvement. 

NOTE:  This is a natural vision training and education program.  There is no diagnosis, treatment, or determination of function included in this program.  Students are advised to have an eye doctor monitor their progress and prescribe weakened lenses when needed.  









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